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CSR commitments of the Best Western Plus l'Orée Paris Sud Hotel and its "A l'Epicerie" restaurant Saulx-les-Chartreux

Our Best Western Plus Hotel l'Orée Paris Sud and its restaurant "A l'Epicerie" Saulx-les-Chartreux, in partnership with Atypio Hotels Resorts (its owner-operator) and Best Western Hotels (its cooperative partner), have made a commitment to promote positive hospitality. We are proud to share our commitments, past and future actions in terms of sustainable development on this CSR page.


We want to ensure the sustainability of our activities while respecting the environment, natural resources and the well-being of our customers and employees. We are also committed to promoting quality French products and services.
Our CSR actions: We have put in place a number of actions to increase our positive footprint.


Below are a few examples of our CSR actions, but don't hesitate to browse our "News" page or our social networks to find out about our latest CSR commitments.

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Best western

Best Western France (partner-co-operative) undergoes an external and objective assessment of its activities every year, through its commitment to the Global Compact and the Ecovadis audit. In 2021, the cooperative has retained its Ecovadis silver medal and has renewed all its efforts to adopt a Corporate Social Responsibility approach. Its efforts earned it the gold medal at the beginning of 2022, with a score of 69/100. The 4 EcoVadis assessment areas are: Environment, Ethics, Social, Human Rights and Responsible Purchasing. The group is becoming aware of a carbon offset approach. Since 2020, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts France has been supporting the Reforest'Action initiative to plant trees in France and around the world. This French company acts in favour of biodiversity, the climate and employment through the planting of 5,000 trees. Find all this information on

Chartre Mieux

Drafted and signed by the hotels with the help of Atypio.

September 2022 - Atypio and Hôtels leave for a seminar in Toulouse to draw up the MIEUX Charter

The year 2022 began with the creation of the Mieux collective. The co-founders of Atypio Hôtels Resorts, along with a number of other entrepreneurs who wanted to undertake, act and share better, joined this collective.
In September 2022, some members of our Best Western Plus l'Orée - "A l'Epicerie" team in Saulx-les-Chartreux were lucky enough to take part in the Atypio MIEUX seminar. They collaborated on the creation of a climate fresco, a necessary step in drafting the MIEUX - Atypio Hôtels Resorts Charter. This collaboration between the multi-brand hotel teams and Atypio's head office led to the design of a concrete charter, comprising nine important commitments for the planet, hotel guests and employees. This collective effort was a truly sustainable moment. The Better Charter, co-written and co-signed by all the participants, came into force in January 2023.

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Green Key Label

Accreditation file, March 2023

The Green Key Label: recognition of our CSR commitments

Created in France in 1998, almost 30 years ago, the Clef Verte label is the first French ecolabel for tourist establishments. With a presence on five continents, it is the first international sustainable tourism label. Labelling environmentally virtuous establishments is a strong act of CSR commitment and a way of raising awareness for all. Establishments awarded the Clef Verte ecolabel are committed to respecting the local environment and offering a healthier, more natural living environment, while at the same time raising holidaymakers' awareness of sustainable tourism.

The DNA of Atypio and the Collectif Mieux fits perfectly with that of this label.

That's why, in March 2023, we submitted our application for certification. Although we started our application in 2022, we were unfortunately too busy with work and other tasks to finalise it properly. And here we are, Best Western Plus Saulx-les-Chartreux, awarded the Green Key label in January 2024! 

Our own urban farm

Winter 2023-2024

Atypio Hôtels Resorts has decided to create its own restaurant brand in 2021 with "A l'Epicerie", which is available inside our Best Western Plus l'Orée hotel. In 2022, the company sought a partner to support its commitment to natural bistronomy and enable its hotel restaurants to grow their own fruit and vegetables, regardless of their location. This gave rise to urban farms in two pilot "A l'Epicerie" establishments in Chantilly and St Germain en Laye. A year later, after winning the Trophée de l'Innovation 2023 for this 'Garden to Plate' concept, we too are going to set up our own urban farm and work on the virtuous duo of Chef - Gardener, to offer you tasty, sustainable and healthy dishes.

Gardening and cooking "A l'Epicerie" allows us to respect the cycle of the seasons, to produce 15 to 25 % of our food needs, to add flavour and taste to our dishes, to prevent food waste and to reduce our carbon footprint. This project is also an opportunity to share authentic moments with employees, partner companies and customers.


-63% of Co² emissions / kg produced (1), -90% of water saved (2), 6 times more yield/m², Production limited to requirements


(1) figure measured by an independent expert and certified by Ecocert.
(2) Measurement carried out by Agripolis on 2 sites in 3 seasons

Our operating partner : Agripolis. For more information, visit

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Our artisanal cheeses

Under a 1m80 cheese cover since 2022

The cheeses in our XXL bell come from the Maison Tourrette. This artisan, member of the Collège Culinaire de France, delivers quality products! With more than 80% in France, its cheeses have the merit of being mainly from quality dairy production. The cows live in outdoor pastures (except in winter of course), no battery farming. This allows them to keep their horns, welfare of livestock preserved !  Well done to our French partner producers and farmers.

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Made in France
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Animal welfare

Products from our craftsmen

Used in our recipes and available in our shop

Let us introduce you to our pride and joy: 100% natural artisanal products made in France - for sale on our breakfast buffets, on plates concocted by our chefs, and in our "A l'Epicerie" Saulx-les-Chartreux boutique. Our products come from the Aix&terra factory, known for its unique flavours and its presence at the Elysée since summer 2023. We're so pleased to be able to offer you these delights, which contain no colourings or preservatives.



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macerated oils and jams
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of the aperitif range
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Anti-waste Phoenix

Our French partner for better management of unsold goods

Anti-food waste actions: Do you know our commitments?

We offer a seasonal restaurant menu, with a reasonable variety of dishes depending on the products available and our customers' diets. We have also increased our range of vegetarian dishes year on year. By 2024, we plan to grow some of our fruit and vegetables on site. We encourage our customers to opt for our breakfast-inclusive prices and to book their meals in advance so that we can anticipate and limit any waste. We prefer to restock our buffets to limit waste. However, this is not always enough. That's why we're proud to be partners of Phénix, a French organisation that fights against food waste and allows us to sell our unsold food every day. What's more, from 2024 our chef will be concocting ever more tasty and clever anti-waste recipes.

Please note that all the meat served in our restaurant is of French origin. We have also banned endangered fish species to preserve our ecosystem.

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Our neighbours, the free-ranging horses

La Pâture in the spotlight at our Best Western Plus l'Orée establishment

A pasture is an area of grassland used for seasonal or permanent feeding of livestock. At our Best Western Plus l'Orée hotel, we have decided to put some of our green areas out to pasture for neighbouring horses. This initiative allows us not only to feed the animals, but also to protect the environment by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.

As well as this, it adds a touch of charm and nature to our hotel, providing an authentic experience for our guests. We are proud to contribute to the protection of our planet while offering quality accommodation to our guests.

Some products

Made in France, Locavore

Our commitment to French quality is an integral part of our identity at Atypio Hotels Resorts and at Best Western Plus l'Orée - A l'Epicerie Saulx-Les-Chartreux . Promoting Made in France is a fundamental value at Atypio Hôtels Resorts. We are proud to work daily with French partners and suppliers to offer our customers the best possible holiday experience. Here are just a few examples of our employees:

Saint Jean
Café Richard
La Corbeille à confitures Evry
Ferme de Viltain Jouy-en-Josas (yoghurt producer)
Saulx les Chartreux (tomato producer)

Our labelled food products (AOP, AOC, label rouge, MSC)

Maintenance of green spaces and cleaning company


At Atypio Hôtels Resorts and Best Western Plus l'Orée - A l'Epicerie Saulx-Les-Chartreux, we are committed to French quality.

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Very precise technical and maintenance monitoring

Resource management at our Best Western Plus l'Orée hotel

Implementation of maintenance measures and monitoring of energy consumption

Since our acquisition by Atypio Hotels Resorts, we have taken steps to prevent breakdowns and closely monitor energy consumption, in order to maintain customer satisfaction. We have installed master switches in our rooms and replaced conventional lighting with low-energy lighting. What's more, all our living spaces are equipped with presence detectors to optimise energy management, with the exception of the lobby.

Sharing our green practices with our customers since 2022
Since 2022, we have launched a programme to promote environmentally-friendly practices among our customers. As part of this programme, we have introduced a system for reusing sheets and towels for stays of one to three nights. We also take care to wash at temperatures below 60°C whenever possible.

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Led light bulbs - Bedrooms
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Led Bulbs - Living spaces

Sorting our waste better

Made in France, Locavore

Waste management at our Best Western Plus l'Orée hotel

Our company is proud of its commitment to waste collection and sorting. We have a sorting system in place for residual waste, non-glass packaging, glass, used edible oils, bulky items, batteries, printer cartridges, light bulbs, waste electronic and electrical equipment, DIY, decoration and fire extinguishers. In 2023, we carried out a full audit of our waste sorting and collection systems with Take a Waste in order to make improvements for 2024.

We will be pleased to offer our customers a way to contribute to our commitment to sustainability by allowing them to leave their recyclable waste on their room desks from 2024. We encourage them to take part in sorting for better waste management.

In 2022, we began renovating our hotel while reducing our environmental impact. We have adopted a renovation policy based on the recycling of 90% of our furniture, as well as the constant search for sustainable solutions.

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Made in France, Locavore

Implementing measures to reduce the use of plastic

In order to reduce our use of plastic, we have put in place a number of concrete measures to support our commitment to the environment. Here are some of the actions we have taken:
We have replaced the cups and individual plastic toiletry bottles with glass/cardboard glasses and eco-pumps for shampoo and soap in the room from the Eco by green Ada cosmetics brand.
We have opted for paste/cardboard/kraft alternatives to plastic straws and stirrers.
To start with, we replaced the plastic water bottle in the room with a Tetra pack (made in France), and then we considered a filtered water solution.

Other CSR commitments

Best Western Plus l'Orée - A l'Epicerie Saulx-Les-Chartreux

In addition to the CSR commitments already in place, it is important to continue looking for ways to take positive action.

One way of doing this is to preserve biodiversity by using eco-labelled cleaning products.

It is also important to participate in local projects to promote social well-being. As a member of the hotel network, there are opportunities to work with the Rotary Partnership to support local initiatives and to share best practice with other members of the Atypio hotel network. By working together, we can have a positive impact on local communities and encourage well-being for all.

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Eco-labelled products
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