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Cine lounge

a new, top-notch living space!

From 17 October 2022, you will have the opportunity to discover our cinema space, which is available for hire for all private or professional events.

But it will also be available to our resident leisure guests following the hotel's entertainment programme, shared via our social networks.



You will find a real cinema atmosphere, cosy lounges to watch a film on the big screen of our dark room while nibbling popcorn, if you feel like it.



A room equipped with a real cinema screen and comfortable seats for a relaxing cinema activity. 


reading . wine tasting . sharing

This new feature #allingoodtime will be available this autumn. What fun!


Imagine a library - bar, in our bucolic setting.

What more could you ask for to relax alone or to share with friends or colleagues?


Immerse yourself in a cosy atmosphere, with plenty of books to browse and a wine cellar.